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  • Title: Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: .. Group Websites.. Valartis Bank Switzerland.. Valartis Bank Austria.. Valartis Bank Liechtenstein.. Valartis Asset Management.. |.. Home.. About Valartis Group.. Private Clients.. Institutional Clients.. Investor Relations.. News Media.. Contact.. de.. en.. Welcome to Valartis Group.. Valartis Group is an internationally active banking and finance group with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Vienna, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Moscow, and Singapore.. The Group’s holding company is domiciled in Switzerland and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.. Valartis Group focuses on the wealth management business for wealthy private clients and  ...   market innovative niche investment products and provide specialised advisory and banking services within corporate and structured finance.. Our local Private Banking Websites.. News.. 14.. 05.. 2013.. Results of the Valartis Group Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting 2013.. 26.. 04.. Valartis Group AG invites its Shareholders to the 2013 Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting.. News Archive.. Events and Dates.. August 27, 2013.. 2013 Half-Year Results.. Share Information.. 2012 Annual Report.. Valartis Group AG, Switzerland a Swiss banking and financial boutique with focus on Private Banking Plus.. Imprint.. Privacy.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Valartis Group
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  • Title: About Valartis Group - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Facts Figures.. Group Organisation.. Board of Directors.. Group Executive Management.. Articles of Association.. Our History.. Websites.. The Group's holding company, Valartis Group AG, is domiciled in Baar, canton of Zug, and is listed on the Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange.. Private Banking Plus.. In addition to traditional wealth management and investment advisory, Valartis Group develops, manages and markets innovative niche investment products and provides specialised advisory and banking services within corporate and structured finance.. Activities structured in two business segments.. Valartis Group structures its business activities on the basis of the two major client groups Private Clients and Institutional Clients.. All back-office tasks are performed within the Corporate Center (see also.. ).. 300 dedicated employees in 6 countries.. Valartis Group has an extensive international network of expertise and contacts.. With a team of more than 300  ...   home markets of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and its neighbouring countries, as well as Central and Eastern Europe/CIS, the Middle East, parts of North and South America, and selected countries in Asia.. In order to address these markets efficiently, in recognition of their diverse histories and cultures, and in compliance with the various relevant regulatory environments, the three Valartis banks emphasise differing geographic areas in the definition of core markets that are actively covered, and opportunity markets that are addressed in a more passive manner.. In recent years, Valartis Group has invested in building up the private banking business in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.. These investments are beginning to show positive results, and we believe to be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that the changing and challenging market environment is presenting.. Gustav Stenbolt, CEO Valartis Group..

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  • Title: Private Clients - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Our Private Banking Approach.. Private Banking Switzerland.. Private Banking Austria.. Private Banking Liechtenstein.. The Private Clients segment of Valartis Group consists of the private banking activities of the three Valartis banks in Switzerland, Austria, and the Principality of Liechtenstein.. Private Banking in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.. In Private Banking, the Group serves about 11,250 clients through its offices in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Vienna, Liechtenstein and Singapore.. Our experienced private banking teams provide their international high-net-worth clientele with comprehensive wealth management and investment advisory services.. Customised private banking solutions all under one roof.. In addition to discretionary wealth management and investment advisory, we offer our international clients access to specialised investment products and investment companies with innovative portfolios, as well as corporate and structured finance services.. In short:.. The basis of our comprehensive, one-stop asset advisory and planning with tailored solutions is our selective core-satellite investment approach.. We implement this approach through an open architecture with best-in-class financial products from other providers as well as through niche investment instruments and our own private label fund solutions.. The client profile is principally low-risk, as a substantial part of the assets is invested in the money market.. Our Private  ...   and some countries in Asia.. Dedicated and experienced client advisors.. Our private banking clients appreciate the personal attention they receive from experienced client advisors, whose many years of expertise allow them to provide their clients with a transparent, professional service that is in line with client needs.. About half of our 100 multilingual, well-educated client advisors who work at Valartis Group have more than 20 years of experience as client advisors in private banking.. The multitude of languages – in the Private Banking segment at Valartis more than 25 languages are spoken – underscores how close we are to our clients.. You will find further information on our business activities in the Private Clients segment, including segment key figures, in our Annual Report.. Interactive 2012 Valartis Group Annual Report.. Personal attention, individual advice, prudent portfolio management, strict risk controlling, reliability and professionalism are the guiding principles of our client-oriented approach, which our experienced team of client advisors implement with diligence and dedication.. In addition to traditional asset management and investment advisory, we offer our high net worth international private clients access to specialised investments and a variety of corporate finance services.. In short: PRIVATE BANKING PLUS..

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  • Title: Institutional Clients - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Asset Management Funds Investment Companies.. Real Estate Funds Property Companies.. Corporates Markets.. Institutional clients.. The Institutional Clients segment of Valartis Group is constituted of our asset management and real estate activities as well as of our corporate and structured finance services the business areas that drive the essential Plus.. +.. activities of our Private Banking Plus business.. Asset Management Funds Investment Companies.. In the core area of Asset Management, Valartis Group specialises in actively managed niche products (investment satellites) in the asset classes equities, fixed income, funds of funds and private equity.. More.. In terms of real estate, Valartis Group combines the management of profitable commercial and residential properties with investments in promising  ...   in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.. In addition, our structured finance team, which handles regulatory and tax issues, offers tailored solutions for international companies and investment vehicles that are facing cross-border issues.. You will find further information on our business activities in the Institutional Clients segment, including segment key figures, in our Annual Report.. Interactive 2011 Valartis Group Annual Report.. As experienced asset managers with a long-standing track record, our vision is to progressively identify compelling investment opportunities and to use our expertise in developing, structuring and managing niche investment funds and investment companies in order to launch dedicated vehicles with which to benefit from these opportunities..

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  • Title: Investor Relations - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Key Figures.. Consolidated Annual Report.. Reports.. Financial Calendar.. Presentations.. Corporate Governance.. E-mail News Service.. Valartis Group attaches great importance to investor relations.. Our open, transparent and up-to-date information policy upholds the principle of equal treatment for all investors on the capital market.. Here you will find the current key figures on the income statement and balance sheet of Valartis Group.. On this page you will find a summary of the latest Valartis Group Annual Report in web format.. Business and Financial Reports.. Our latest interactive annual report can also be downloaded from the Valartis online archive in  ...   In this section you will find the latest Group presentation for download in PDF format.. Our latest Corporate Governance Report is available for download in PDF format.. The most important information on the current share performance is available with a slight time lag on our interactive price table.. Stay up to date with ongoing developments in the Valartis Group by registering for our ad-hoc e-mail newsletter.. News Media Releases.. Valartis Group.. Corporate Communication.. Sihlstrasse 24, P.. O.. Box.. 8021 Zurich.. Switzerland.. Björn Scheiwiller.. Phone +41 43 336 81 11.. Fax +41 43 336 81 00.. Contact form..

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  • Title: News & Media - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Events Dates.. Image Gallery.. For Valartis Group investor and media relations are of great importance.. Topicality and transparency are therefore a core element of our information policy.. This page offers journalists, investors, clients and other interested parties up-to-date information on the Valartis Group.. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the Valartis Group including current financial key figures on one page.. In this section you will find all current  ...   calendar gives you an overview of upcoming Valartis Group events and dates for our clients as well as investors and media.. You will find a selection of portraits of our members of the board of directors and group management to download from our picture gallery.. In oder to stay up to date with ongoing developments in the Valartis Group, you can register for our ad-hoc e-mail newsletter.. Reports Publications.. Group presentations..

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  • Title: Contact - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Contact Addresses.. Banking Connections.. Contact Form.. This page provides useful contact information for analysts, investors, media reporters, clients and business partners.. For a quick overview of our website please refer to our.. sitemap.. On the next page you will find the contact addresses of the Valartis Group companies, along with phone and fax numbers at a glance..  ...   Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.. This online form lets you get in touch directly with the people you want to contact within the Valartis Group.. Group Headquarter.. Valartis Group AG.. Blegistrasse 11a.. 6340 Baar ZG.. Phone +41 41 760 70 20.. Fax +41 41 760 70 19.. Addresses of Group companies.. General Contact.. Visitor address:.. Sihlstrasse 20.. 8001 Zurich..

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  • Title: Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Valartis Bank Schweiz.. Valartis Bank Österreich.. Über Valartis Group.. News Medien.. Kontakt.. Willkommen bei Valartis Group.. Die Valartis Gruppe ist eine an der SIX Swiss Exchange kotierte, international tätige Schweizer Banken- und Finanzgruppe mit Standorten in Zürich, Genf, Lugano, Wien, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Moskau und Singapur.. Die Valartis Gruppe fokussiert sich auf das Vermögensverwaltungsgeschäft mit wohlhabenden Privatkunden und institutionellen Anlegern: Private Banking  ...   Nischenanlageprodukte und erbringen spezialisierte Beratungs- und Bankdienstleistungen in den Bereichen Corporate und Structured Finance.. Unsere lokalen Private Banking Websites.. News Mitteilungen.. Ergebnisse der Valartis Group AG Generalversammlung 2013.. Valartis Group AG lädt zur ordentlichen Generalversammlung 2013.. Newsarchiv.. Events Termine.. 27.. 08.. Halbjahresergebnis 2013.. Aktieninformationen.. Geschäftsbericht 2012.. Valartis Group AG, Schweiz eine Schweizer Banken- und Finanzgruppe mit Fokus «Private Banking Plus».. Impressum.. Datenschutz..

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  • Title: News & Media: News & Media Releases - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: On this page you will find the latest news and media releases of Valartis group.. Please use our E-mail news service to stay up to date with ongoing changes and developments in the Valartis Group.. E-mail news service.. Financial year 2013.. 18.. Annual result 2012 – Valartis Group with good operational improvements.. 28.. 03.. "10 years are enough" – Prof.. Dr.. Erwin W.. Heri leaves the Valartis Group.. 01.. 02.. Monika Jung appointed as the new CEO of Valartis Bank (Austria) AG and member of Group Executive Management of the Valartis Group.. Financial year 2012.. 20.. 12.. 2012.. Valartis Group continues its strategic focusing and sells its participation in Eastern Property Holdings Ltd.. 02.. 10.. Valartis Group opens a bank subsidiary in Lugano and optimises its organisational structure.. Valartis Group posts profit for the first-half of 2012.. 11.. 06.. Vincenzo Di Pierri appointed as the new CEO of Valartis Bank AG, Switzerland.. Stefan Holzer to leave Valartis Group.. 09.. Results of the 2012 Valartis Group AG Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting - All proposals approved.. 19.. Valartis Bank invites to the Esmeralda Charity Golf Cup 2012 in favour of street children in Columbia.. 03.. Valartis Group – 2011 Full Year Results.. Financial year 2011.. 2011.. Sale of Valartis Bonus Card AG to Cornèr Banca SA completed.. Valartis Bank invites to the 10th Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel.. 23.. 11.. Valartis Group sells Valartis Bonus Card AG to Cornèr Bank and strengthens its focus on private banking.. Valartis Group presents its results for the first half-year 2011.. Impairment charges on Eastern Property Holdings adversely impact half-year results 2011.. Valartis Bank supports the „2011 Esmeralda Charity Golf Cup“ in favour of street children in Columbia (media release in German).. 12.. Valartis Group 2010: Net profit of CHF 10.. 9 million; positive inflow of net new assets; management to be expanded and strengthened.. 24.. Valartis Bank (Austria) AG opens representative office in Singapore (media release in German).. Valartis  ...   08.. Group profit 2008 of CHF 3.. 3 million for Valartis shareholders.. Financial year 2008.. 2008.. Acquisition of Anglo Irish Bank (Austria) AG successfully completed.. Valartis Group acquires private bank and asset management company in Vienna.. 25.. Group profit first half 2008 reaches CHF 4.. 0 million.. Hanspeter Kaspar becomes new CFO of Valartis Group.. Jelmoli Bonus Card and Swiss Federal Railways launch free Visa card.. Offenlegung von Beteiligungen.. Group profit rises 8.. 6% to CHF 49.. 2 million.. Valartis Asset Management: Alain Rolland will take over real estate management.. Ad-hoc information - Timothy Rogers, head asset management, leaves Valartis Group.. Valartis Bank establishes a representative office in London.. Financial year 2007.. 10.. 2007.. Successful completion of Eastern Property Holding’s capital increase.. 06.. Ad hoc information - Georg von Opel steps down from the board of directors of Valartis Group AG.. Valartis Group expands corporate finance and M A activities to Europe.. Ad-hoc-release - Gustav Stenbolt to become new CEO of Valartis Group.. Substantial rise in profit for Valartis Group in the first half of 2007.. Valartis Group: New Head of Wealth Management.. Valartis Group realizes a profit of CHF 45.. 3 million in 2006.. New proposal for a name change.. Financial year 2006.. 22.. 2006.. Offenlegung von Beteiligungen - MCG Holding.. EGM OZ Holding AG - proposal for a name change.. Interne Untersuchung abgeschlossen.. Ad hoc-Mitteilung - Rücktritt von CEO Peter Rüegg - Neuorganisation der OZ Bankers AG.. OZ Bankers AG builds up “Real Estate Structured Finance” division – Engagement of a top team from German Aareal Bank.. Download PDF CHF 14.. 2 million net profit in the first six months - positive trend in commissions, difficult environment for securities trading.. OZ Bankers takes on energy trading team.. OZ Bankers AG becomes Principal Member of the credit card organisation VISA and acquires a 27.. 5% participation in Jelmoli Bonus Card AG.. Q1 / 2006 - OZ Group with a flying start into the new year..

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  • Title: Investor Relations: Share Information - Valartis Group
    Descriptive info: Valartis Group Bearer Share.. The Valartis Group AG is a holding company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange - sector financial services / Swiss Performance Index (SPI).. The share capital of CHF 5 million is divided into 5 million bearer shares (ISIN CH0001840450) with a nominal value of CHF 1 each, of which as of 31 December 2012 434,567 shares or 8.. 7% were owned by the company itself.. Closing Prices.. Ihr Browser kann leider keine iFrames darstellen.. Annual and interim reports.. Annual report 2012.. Annual report 2011.. Annual report 2010.. Annual report 2009.. Annual report 2008.. Performance.. Summary of  ...   5,000,000.. Conditional capital.. CHF 0.. Authorized capital.. Par value.. CHF 1.. 00.. Number of shares issued.. 5,000,000.. Number of shares outstanding, qualifying for dividends.. 4,903,766.. Shareholders >3%.. MCG Holding AG, 49.. 4% (as of 31.. 2012).. INTEGRAL Stiftung für die berufliche Vorsorge, 5.. 1%.. Kreissparkasse Biberach, Germany, 3.. 0%.. Free float.. 41.. 9% (as of 31.. Sector.. Financial Services.. Date of listing.. August 1991.. Key share figures.. 2012.. 2011.. Dividend per share, in CHF.. 1.. 0.. Dividend yield.. 5.. n/a.. Closing price, in CHF.. 25.. Annual high, in CHF.. 21.. 30.. Annual low, in CHF.. 45.. Price-to-book ratio.. 31.. 28..

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