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  • Title: www.bodyclinic.ch - Laser Treatments Bodyshaping Antiaging - Centre for Bodyshaping Antiaging and Hair Removal by Laser – Zurich
    Descriptive info: .. Partner-Links.. Hair free, hair removal, depilation, epilation, freedom from hair.. These days, the method of choice for this is laser hair removal, hair removal by light, photoepilation, laser epilation, laser hair removal, hair removal by light.. This is one of the most highly specialised practices in Zurich.. Fat suction, fat pads, problem zones, lipolysis, bodyforming, bodyshaping, liposculpture, liposuction:.. The desire for a harmonic body silhouette can be fulfilled with various methods.. What is new and revolutionary is treatment with focussed ultrasound: Contour I from Ultrashape.. The bodyclinic AG presents ContourI by Ultrashape..

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  • Title: Laser epilation - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: LASER EPILATION.. general information.. treatment.. laser technique.. studies.. faq.. MEDICAL.. LASER TREATMENT.. TATTOO-REMOVAL.. ANTI-AGEING.. BODYFORMING BODYSHAPING.. BODYCLINIC.. SURGICAL TREATMENTS.. PRICES.. LINKS.. CONTACT.. GERMAN.. General.. Hair removal, epilation, depilation, laser epilation, hair removal with lasers, laser hair removal - different words for one and the same desire: permanent hair removal.. An increasing number of sporting, body- and lifestyle-conscious people are having unwanted hair removed by laser technology.. The possibility of laser treatment offers enormous relief to people who suffer from pathologically heavy hair growth.. An excellent result is achieved with the latest generation of the very efficient epilation lasers.. Depending on different factors, such as part  ...   the hair thickness and density can be achieved with three to six treatments.. The experience of the senior physician at the the Bodyclinic, Dr Ulrich Ledermann, over the last 17 years has been that openness is greatly appreciated by the clients.. He mentions, for example, that laser epilation is not completely pain free, and also that laser technology must be used optimally for skin damage to be avoided.. Today laser epilation is the most long-lasting and gentlest method of hair removal.. The Bodyclinic Team's many years of experience guarantee first class treatment with the highest possible level of efficiency and client comfort.. The Bodyclinic: 07/2013..

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  • Title: Contour I by Ultrashape - Fat reduction with ultrasound - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: contour I.. contour I - faq.. cryo lipolysis.. cryo lipolysis - faq.. injection lipolysis.. awt for cellulite treatment.. hcg-diet.. metabolic balance.. Contour I by Ultrashape.. The gentle and painless method to reduce unpleasant fat pads on the stomach, sides or thighs.. Physician3DAnimation.. , Flash Movie.. This highly modern ultrasound technology serves to burst a 2-3mm thick layer of fat cells under the surface of the skin.. This releases fat, which is then broken down by the body in exactly the same way as fat which has been taken in food.. Three treatments at intervals of 3 weeks can reduce the circumference of the stomach or sides by 4-6 cm.. The Contour I from Ultrashape is the first instrument in the world which works with focussed ultrasound waves linked to a sophisticated computer control system.. This guarantees that each point in the region is  ...   unpleasant fat pads and for harmonizing the body form.. It is not suitable for reducing the body weight of overweight individuals.. The results of the treatment are much better if it is attempted to lose a little weight (1-2 kg over 1-2 months).. This means that the body is transferred into a "fat combustion mode" with increased muscular activity.. What is ideal is combination with regular training (twice weekly) on the "Power Plate" and additional treatments with the "Velasmooth" to tighten tissue.. Studies as PDF.. Scientific article published in July 2009 in the premier medical journal "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery" (PRS).. , PDF.. Fat metabolism after treatment with Contour I by Ultrashape.. B Kronemeyer.. Non-invasive Ultrsasonic bodyshaping.. J Otto, MD.. Clinical roundtable Contour I.. The UltraShape Procedure: Client Consultation Presentation.. Literature.. You can find additional information and patient information brochures at.. http://www.. ultrashape.. com/..

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  • Title: Laserepilation - Laserbehandlungen Bodyshaping Antiaging - Zentrum für Bodyshaping Antiaging und Haarentfernung mit Laser – Zürich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: LASEREPILATION.. Allgemeines.. Behandlung.. Lasertechnik.. Literatur.. FAQ.. MEDIZINISCHE.. LASERBEHANDLUNGEN.. TATTOO ENTFERNUNG.. ANTIAGING.. CHIRURGISCHE BEHANDLUNGEN.. PREISE.. KONTAKT.. ENGLISCH.. Haarentfernung, Epilation, Depilation, Laserepilation, Haarentfernung mit Laser, Laser-Haarentfernung - verschiedene Wörter für einen und denselben Wunsch: dauerhafte Haarentfernung.. Immer mehr sportliche und körper- sowie lifestylebewusste Menschen lassen sich lästige Haare durch Lasertechnik entfernen.. Auch für Personen mit krankhaft verstärktem Haarwuchs bedeutet die Möglichkeit einer Laserbehandlung eine enorme Erleichterung.. Mit der jüngsten Generation der effizientesten Epilationslaser wird ein hervorragendes Resultat erzielt.. Abhängig von verschiedenen Faktoren wie Körperpartie, Hauttyp, Hautpigmentierung, Haarstruktur,  ...   Haardichte erreicht werden.. Der behandelnde Arzt von The Bodyclinic, Dr.. med.. Ulrich Ledermann, machte in den letzten 17 Jahren die Erfahrung, dass eine transparente Information von den Klienten und den Klientinnen sehr geschätzt wird.. Zum Beispiel erwähnt er, dass Laserepilation nicht ganz schmerzfrei ist, oder dass nur bei optimaler Anwendung der Lasertechnik die Haut nicht geschädigt wird.. Die Laserepilation ist heute die nachhaltigste und schonendste Methode der Haarentfernung.. Die langjährige Erfahrung des The Bodyclinic Teams garantiert eine erstklassige Behandlung mit höchster Effizienz bei grösstmöglichem Kundenkomfort..

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  • Title: Treatment - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Treatment.. Cooperation with the client is very important here.. During the whole treatment cycle, there must be no tanning of the skin (either in the sun or in the solarium).. The senior physician must be informed about any exposure to the sun before laser treatment.. Test treatment.. The senior physician of the the Bodyclinic attaches the greatest importance to safety.. For this reason, no initial treatment takes place without a test treatment being conducted first of all.. This must be carried out at least 48 hours before the treatment itself.. Preparation for the treatment.. It is advisable to shave only the area to be treated at least six weeks before the treatment and not to remove the hair by waxing or plucking.. Also the skin must not be pre-tanned, i.. e.. one must refrain from sunbathing or visiting solariums.. The client should shave the appropriate part of the body once again three days before the treatment.. To increase the comfort, we apply an anaesthetic cream one to one and a half hours before the treatment, to alleviate the pain of the laser epilation.. Implementation of the treatment.. The laser device sends an energy-rich ray of light through a laser hand piece, which is passed over the body at a constant distance.. The treatment consists of a series of laser impulses at a time interval of half to one second.. About one square centimetre is covered by each impulse.. In this way, the hair follicles in this area are heated to over 65° C and thus lose the ability to produce a new hair.. During the treatment, a light stinging or burning is felt which, however, becomes more and more tolerable after the first impulses.. Many patients describe the treatment as if a taut rubber band flicks against the skin.. As  ...   the skin remains unchanged.. In rare cases, however, stronger crust formation lasting up to 14 days and subsequent temporary color changes of the skin can occur (increased or reduced pigmentation of the skin areas affected).. In virtually all cases, these pigment changes regulate themselves within four to six months.. Scar formation can only occur if a blister has been formed previously, i.. third degree burns.. These, in turn, can only occur after extreme overdosage of the laser energy or incorrect handling.. One treatment is unfortunately not sufficient.. Depending on the part of the body, 30 - 70% of the hair follicles are in a state of rest.. However, during the first treatment, the laser only destroys the hair follicles in the treatment area which are in a state of growth.. Hair which is in a state of rest is insensitive to laser treatment.. Further laser treatment is therefore necessary after a few weeks or months, in order to treat hair follicles which are now growing in the same way.. For this purpose, depending on the type of hair and the area to be treated, a treatment concept must be drawn up in collaboration with the doctor.. Mostly three to five treatments are necessary, at intervals of one to three months.. In this way, a reduction of 75 to 95% of the hair which grows after the treatment is generally achieved.. Since this process of hair removal is new, there is no certainty whether the success will last a lifetime.. The senior physician at the Bodyclinic has been observing the results since 1997.. During this time, the results for most clients have been very stable and it can be assumed with some certainty that the areas which have been free of hair for so long will indeed remain free of hair..

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  • Title: Laser technology - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Laser technology.. Laser epilation technology follows the principle of "thermo-kinetic selectivity": similar to solar light which is easier absorbed by dark materials than be light ones laser light exclusively heats dark pigments - in this case hair roots, which are also known as hair follicles - to more than 65°C.. As a consequence, they forfeit their ability of producing new hair.. The surrounding area of lighter color is exposed to far less high temperatures and thus not affected.. In the U.. S.. , Photoderm was the first IPL device (intense pulsed light device) ever deployed for this treatment called "photo epilation" in 1994.. Shortly after, it was followed by the first ruby lasers, then undergoing a rapid development by alexandrite lasers, diode lasers and long-pulsed NdYag lasers.. The IPL devices, initially partly fraught with severe adverse effects, were significantly advanced by deploying improved filters and other technological advancements.. By now, a number of efficient devices for photo epilation are available.. Today, the question is not so much if it is alexandrite, diode, NdYag lasers or IPL devices that are "better" but far more for which skin or hair type the individual device is used and how experienced its operator is in its application.. (Of course, quality and performance rates of the individual equipment also play a crucial role!).. Currently, our "laser pool" comprises the devices listed below:.. Alexandrite laser "Apogee plus".. "Apogee plus" (launched to the market in September 2012) is the latest generation of alexandrite lasers developed by US-based company Cynosure in cooperation with some of the world s leading laser centers and laser users.. The Bodyclinic has been deploying the by now seventh generation of this excellent device since December 2012.. With a performance of 20 Joule/cm² at 18mm beam diameter or 30 Joule/cm² at 15 mm beam diameter, respectively, and 2 Hz pulses, it is one of the most powerful and fastest alexandrite lasers in the world.. The option to choose among various pulse lengths facilitates highest efficiency at ideal skin protection, as compared  ...   wavelength spectrum (520;560;600-1200nm) and provides variable cooling for the sapphire glass, which has been specifically designed to treat large-scale pigmentation (freckles, sun and age marks) and delicate dilated vessels (couperosis) / flushing.. "AcuTip" IPL device 500-635nm:.. a narrow-band "intense pulsed light" device, designed for the punctual and precise treatment of vascular changes (e.. g.. spider nevus) and individual pigmented spots.. "Prowave770" IPL device:.. being the latest development in the sector of epilation devices, Prowave770 allows for shifting the light spectrum in three steps.. In combination with extremely reliable sapphire glass cooling, it is possible to treat even tanned skin safely and nearly without any adverse side effects.. However, better results are still achieved in shorter time with dark hair on bright skin.. Fractional CO2 Laser "E-CO2".. This fractional CO2 laser designed by Lutronic provides extremely versatile setting options to treat most various dermal problems.. The Bodyclinic deploys the E-CO2 for the purpose of skin regeneration in the treatment of light to medium wrinkles specifically in the eye and upper lip-area and likewise to reduce irregular pigmentation prevention with sun-stressed skin.. E-CO2 is also perfect for minor surgical intervention to remove dermal growths like fibroma, genital and other warts, etc.. Moreover, this device has turned out to be perfect pre-treatment for tattoo removals and excellent in improving the complexion in presence of acne and other scars.. Q-switched NdYag Laser "Revlite".. "Revlite" made by ConBio/Cynosure and "QX max" made by Fotona are the world s most powerful Q-switched NdYag laser.. With 8mm beam diameter and a clean and even beam profile, it is perfectly suited for removing tattoos quickly without leaving any scars.. Frequency doubling to 532nm as well as transformation to 585nm and 650nm even allow for the removal of multi-colored tattoos.. Other possible applications are the treatment of all kinds of pigment disorders, laser peeling and laser toning.. Especially laser toning has proven to be an excellent option to revitalize the skin and to treat scars and stretch marks without any downtimes and limitations in sun exposition..

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  • Title: Studies / Bibliography - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Studies / Bibliography.. Thermokinetic Selectivity -.. A highly effective principle for permanent hair removal.. M.. Fuchs.. (published in "Derm" Nr.. 3 , 1997).. An excellent and easy-to-understand illustration of the physical principles of laser epilation.. Deutsche Version.. (2.. 7MB).. English Version.. 8MB).. Damage to hair follicles.. C.. Grossmann et al.. (published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dec 1996).. Damage to hair follicles by normal mode ruby laser pulses.. The first published article about the destruction of hair folicles with the ruby laser.. All future publications make reference to this publication.. (1.. Long-Term Laser Hair Reduction Efficacy.. Suzanne Kilmer et al.. A Report on the Use  ...   2000).. Long-Term Evaluation of the Long-Pulsed Alexandrite Laser for the Removal of Bikini Hair at Shortened Treatment Intervals.. Removal of Hair with LPIR laser.. Connolly et al.. (published in Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol 10, Dec 1997).. Study Reveals successful Removal of unwanted Hair with LPIR Laser.. 0MB).. Laser Hair Removal.. D.. H.. McDaniel et al.. (published in Dermatol Surg, Jun 1999).. A Review and Report on the Use of the Long-Pulsed Alexandrite Laser for Hair Reduction of the Upper Lip, Leg, Back, and Bikini Region.. Cold Air in Laser Therapy.. St.. Hammes et al.. (published in derm, 5, 1999).. Cold Air in Laser Therapy: First Experiences with a New Cooling System..

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  • Title: FAQ - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Are there alternatives to laserepilation?.. Yes, there are the traditional treatments, such as shaving, cream, waxing or plucking, which must be repeated after a certain period of time.. Up to now, needle electric epilation has been the only process for removing unwanted hair permanently.. This process is however, often very painful and time consuming for the treatment of large areas.. What does one have to know about laserepilation?.. Laserepilation is at present the most efficient hair removal method.. An excellent result is achieved with the latest generation of epilation laser devices.. Depending on the part of the body, a reduction of 75 - 95 % of the hair thickness and density can be achieved with three to five treatments.. The pain of laser epilation can be reduced to a degree which is easy to endure.. The treatment is not harmful to the skin if the laser technology is used optimally.. What must be considered before the laser treatment?.. It is advisable only to shave the areas to be treated at least six weeks before the treatment and not to have removed the hair by waxing or plucking.. one must refrain from sunbathing or visiting solariums at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to treatment.. Three days before the treatment, the corresponding part of the body should be shaved again.. What happens in laser treatment?.. After application of an anaesthetic cream which needs 1-1 ½ hours to  ...   light stinging or burning is felt which, however, becomes more and more endurable after the first impulses.. The feeling of pain is greatly alleviated by applying an anaesthetic cream 1-1½ hours before the treatment.. The sensitivity to pain, which varies extremely from individual to individual, is also an important point.. Thus the verdicts after the treatments range from I hardly felt a thing to that was quite painful.. How frequently must one have a laser treatment?.. The hair follicles in the treatment area which are producing hair are damaged selectively by the laser energy.. In order to be able to treat the inactive hair follicles at the point in time of the laser epilation, three to five treatments are necessary at intervals of one to three months.. How long-lasting is the treatment?.. Since this is a new process of hair removal, there is no certainty whether the success will last a lifetime.. Is there any damage to the skin?.. In general, the treatment does not cause any skin damage.. Within 15 - 30 minutes after the laser epilation, the skin may be slightly or very reddened and the follicles may swell.. This reaction subsides mostly after two hours, at the latest after one day.. If necessary, the client can apply the cream themselves once again at home.. Superficial crust formation can occur with very sensitive skin or if the dose of laser energy is too high..

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  • Title: Medical treatments with Laser and IPL - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Medical laser treatments.. We can treat many other skin problems with the different laser and IPL sources at the BodyClinic.. Removal of red skin areas and fine veins in the face.. Rosacea, spider veins, haemangiomas, birth marks.. Removal of widened fine veins in the legs.. Starburst varices.. Removal of benign pigment changes.. Freckles, patches of sunburn, senile lentigo.. Removal of small benign skin tumours.. Fibromas, senile warts, moist warts..

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  • Title: Tattoo Removal, R20 method, R0 method, tatoo remove, Q-Switched NdYag- Laser "Revlite" - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: Tattoo Removal.. You ve got tattoos that you don t like no more? You changed your life and want to get rid of your tattoos? We ve certainly got the right solution for you.. Tattoo removal by Q-switched NdYag laser Revlite.. A medical laser treatment allows for removing most tattoos, the majority of permanent make-ups and so-called accidental tattoos.. With Revlite made by ConBio (Cynosure), we use an excellent state-of-the-art device for removing tattoos.. The device s outstanding technical properties facilitate better and faster removal even of multi-colored tattoos without any scarring by four different wave lengths (light colors) in just one laser.. However, even this extremely powerful and fast four-color-laser usually requires several treatment sessions at 6-8 weeks intervals to fully remove all pigments.. Within the scope of a detailed personal interview, we will evaluate the options and mutually define the best method to remove your tattoo.. Please call us to make an appointment for a non-binding interview (044 387 99 20).. Tattoo removal in just a few sessions by new method R20.. Bodyclinic now also offers tattoo removal by so-called method.. R20.. and.. R0.. , respectively.. For method R20, the tattoo is treated three times at 20 to 30-minute intervals in one session.. Goal is to  ...   Session.. (PDF).. Presentation at the Congress of the laser SGML 2013 (DE).. R20 method for tattoo removal.. With so-called method.. , a specific fluid serves to quickly dispel the gas bubbles formed within the course of the treatment.. The laser sessions can thus be carried out in immediate sequence without any wait time.. Additionally, Bodyclinic applies pre-treatment by fractional CO2 laser.. This accelerates the pigments removal and is highly supportive to lift the skin surrounding poorly pre-treated tattoos that feature cicatricial skin alterations.. Furthermore, Bodyclinic pays special attention to pain reduction.. Apart from applying anesthetic creme as pretreatment and intensely cooling respective parts of the body in treatment as usual, we also inject local anesthetics if requested.. This facilitates a completely pain-free treatment.. It takes a detailed a personal interview to discuss the options and define the best method to remove your tattoo.. More information on the laser.. cynosure.. com/products/revlite-si/photos.. php.. Reading recommendations as PDF.. Tätowierungen und wie man sie wieder los wird.. ( Tattoos and How to Get of them ), (Nicola L.. Schönewolf, Bettina Rümmelein et al).. Optimizing Outcomes of Laser Tattoo Removal.. (Jeremy B.. Gree et al).. Tattoo Removal Comes of Age.. (Interview Dr.. William Kirby and Rady Rahban).. Current Concepts in Laser Tattoo Removal..

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  • Title: Anti-ageing - laser treatment bodyshaping antiageing - Centre for Bodyshaping, Antiageing and Laser Epilation – Zurich - www.bodyclinic.ch
    Descriptive info: 3D skin rejuvenation.. e-co2.. microdermabrasion.. jet peel.. teosyal.. botulinum toxin a.. mesotherapy.. Anti-Ageing.. When creams and masks are no longer enough to give you a fresher appearance, it is time to start using something more effective.. We can offer you a wide range of treatments to give your skin its freshness and firmness back.. Deep wrinkles can be smoothed out with.. botulinum toxin.. and filled with.. hyaluronic acid.. Sun-damaged skin and fine lines can be regenerated with the.. fractional CO2 laser (e-CO2).. and pigmentation marks and couperose can be removed with.. Limelight.. or.. Revlite.. Skin can be tightened with.. Titan.. or large pores and skin texture can be improved with.. Laser Genesis.. Microdermabrasion.. can also help allow  ...   or which combination of treatments will achieve the best results for you personally.. Your estimated outlay in terms of cost and time and the possible side effects you may have to take into consideration also need to be discussed.. With our many years of experience and continued further training, we guarantee to provide you with competent advice.. So that we are not under pressure to sell , we charge CHF150.. 00 for a comprehensive consultation in the field of anti-ageing (creditable to possible treatments).. Please arrange an appointment with us by telephone on 044 387 99 20 or send an email to.. info@bodyclinic.. ch.. , indicating how and when it is best to contact you by telephone..

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